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West Lothian Flooring are experienced underfloor heating & flooring specialists, we have underfloor heating installers, wood flooring installers and fully qualified electricians. We supply and install many different types of electric underfloor heating systems, but by far our most popular system is used below our wooden floors. The carbon film underfloor heating system is a truly revolutionarily range of floor heating, the heating system is thin, highly effective and can be designed as a prime heat source for your property.

We have been installing our electric underfloor heating systems all over Scotland for 20 years now. In that time, we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience on the very best methods for installing underfloor heating with wood flooring over the top and on all types of sub-floors. We work with all the main flooring manufacturers from across Europe to bring you the best flooring products on the market and we can recommend what types of wood flooring are going to work best with our carbon film underfloor heating system in the specific areas throughout your home.

If you would like to know more about the use of underfloor heating with your new wood floor don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our flooring specialists.

Electric Underfloor Heating Installation in West Lothian, Edinburgh & Scotland

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On booking in an estimate, one of our installers will come out to the house and assess your project in more detail with you, ensuring that you get the best possible service and the right underfloor heating system for your floor. Our installer will do a walk through measuring up the floor areas and making sure that everything needed electrically is in place for the installation team to complete the work. 

With so much experience behind them our underfloor heating installers will make sure that every attention is taken to ensure your heating system is installed perfectly and works efficiently. Every system is commissioned at the end of a project and we do a general talk through with clients on how to use your programmable room thermostat.

why use us to install your underfloor heating?

Our electric underfloor heating technicians have 20 years experience designing and installing all types of underfloor heating systems. In that time we have learned what to do and what not to do when installing these types of floor heating systems.

Save 30% off the retail costs on our carbon film underfloor heating system. We are the best priced throughout the UK for this type of underfloor heating system and we wont be beaten on price.

We have a very reliable flooring installation team who are trained to install wood flooring with or without underfloor heating installed below. With many years of experience behind us you can rest assured your dealing with professional installers.

We have a large selection of laminate and engineered wood flooring ranges for you to choose from. We have selected all the main flooring manufacturers from around Europe to bring you this fantastic collection of wood floors.

We supply our own fully qualified and Select Registered electrician who will connect the underfloor heating system up as required by the 18th edition wiring regulations.

We have full public liability insurance in place to cover our business in case of any accidents or mishaps.

Why Should You Install Underfloor Heating...


Our carbon film underfloor heating system comes with a 10 year manufacturing guarantee. This means, should the system stop working and break down within this time we will replace the system for you free of charge. In most cases provided the system has been installed properly and is well looked after then these heating systems will run for 30 plus years.

low running costs

Our carbon film underfloor heating system operates using radiant heating, this means that our carbon film underfloor heating system will directly heat the people and any items in the room. This will give you a comfortable even room temperature which is achieved quickly and more efficiently, and therefore far less energy is used. Our carbon film underfloor heating system produces almost instantaneous heat, assuming the correct floor insulation has been fitted below the heating system. The reduction in heat up time will assist in keeping your heating costs low.

easy to install

Electric underfloor heating systems are generally easier to install as the system is fitted over your existing subfloor. This type of underfloor heating system is less intrusive to your property during installation and means mosts systems are installed and wired up in just a day.

maintenance free

Our carbon film underfloor heating elements have no moving parts that can break and go wrong over time, this makes the system completely maintenance free. You will have routine temperature adjustments to make to your thermostats depending on the time of year and the weather conditions.

no more radiators

One of the main problems with radiators is that they are always in the wrong place and they take up much needed wall space. With underfloor heating installed the full floor area becomes one big radiating surface. No need for radiators as the heating system is designed as your prime heat source.

Simple Heating Control

Easy to control programmable room thermostats are fitted in each room that has underfloor heating installed. This gives you individual room control and we can also install thermostats that can work directly from your smart phone.


Most frequent asked questions and answers

No, this type of electric underfloor heating system is not suitable for use in bathrooms or wet areas. Out with these rooms the system is perfect for all other areas throughout your home.

Yes, our carbon film underfloor heating system must always have a 6mm layer of thermal insulation fitted to the subfloor prior to installing the heating elements. This 6mm layer also acts as a cushion for your wood flooring meaning no need for additional flooring underlays.

Our carbon film heating system is very easy to control, each floor area is fitted with a 7 day programmable room thermostat which controls each floor individually. We can also fit thermostats that can be connected to your smart phone giving your complete control anytime, anywhere.

There are many factors to this question however in most cases we can install our carbon film heating system in one day. This includes the time it would take for our electrician to connect the system up and program your room thermostat.

Yes, our carbon film underfloor heating system is completely dry fitted, as in there are no adhesives, glues or anything that requires curing and drying times. This means that your system is fully operational and ready to use once our electrician has completed the commissioning of the underfloor heating system.

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